Jewish heritage tour Lithuania, Belarus & Poland

It is a greatest tour we would like to offer for our clients. Three beutiful and contrasting countries, 2 times border crossing, three different languages. Amazing scenery changes from the small abandoned shtetls to huge Cities such as Minsk and Warszaw. On our route two magnificent pearls famous in the world jewish cities Vilnius and Krakow, also known as the brother cities related so close to Lithuanian and Polish nation. Narrow old town streets  a mixture of a different architecture styles, famous families palaces, universities, synagogues uncountable number of a famous jewish people. Sad and horrible places like Auschwitz death camp where more than 1.1 milion unguilty people were killed.

NOTE: Tour Price & all the details related on the tour can be individualy changed on request. This is just an example of the standard tour we can offer. We are always welcome for your ideas and interests.

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